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How does the escrow system work?

When purchasing on GigSocial, both through an Influencer's direct page or through the matching system, your credit card is not charged until the influencer accepts an order. After being charged, the funds are held in an escrow account and are not released unless signed off by you.

The entire gig budget is divided by the number of posts required. Each post then becomes a “ToDo” item. Once the influencer does one of the ToDo items, you are initially notified and a screenshot is provided in your dashboard. When the ToDo items live time is met(i.e. 3 days live time), the influencer takes another screenshot including screenshots of analytics, and you are notified. Our system verifies all terms of the contract were met (ie. minimum number of views). Then you are notified to verify the screenshots in your dashboard. At this point, you have final approval on the gig ToDo. When you approve the ToDo item, at this point, the portion of the total escrow for the individual ToDo item is released to the influencer. In other words, we have multiple verification steps in our system as well as your direct manual approval before any money is released to an influencer.

Updated on: 10/22/2022