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Completing a gig

Completing a Gig

In order to close out an order and get paid, you must upload the required screenshots under the "ToDo" section of the Gig. In most cases, 3 screenshots will be required.

Proof of Post - This screenshot should be taken immediately after posting the content of the gig as proof the content was posted. When this screenshot is uploaded, the advertiser is notified the ToDo was posted.

Delivery Screenshot - This is a screenshot taken of the post after the post live time has been expired.

Screenshot of views - This is a screenshot of the amount of views the post received. If you did not reach the minimum number of views, you will need to do another post until the total views (Views from the first post + views from the second post) reach the required amount. You will then upload the second screenshot as well.

Examples of Screenshot Views

Instagram Story, Instagram Feed Post, Instagram Reel


Facebook Story, Facebook Post

Tik Tok Post

Tik Tok

Twitter Tweet


YouTube Post

Only Fans Feed Post, Only Fans Mass DM

Only Fans

Updated on: 10/12/2022